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Catherine Kanner

Catherine Kanner, Publisher

Catherine Kanner is founder of The Melville Press. Her work as an artist and book designer have garnered awards and praise both nationally and internationally.


“Ms. Kanner’s talents as an artist were unfailing and the books published by the Melville Press...demonstrate highly innovative book design and superb choices with regard to selection of papers and materials. Although this appears at first glance to be a small, innocuous private is anything but. The book design [Prayers Written at Vailima] is superb and every detail has been carefully considered and executed. In reality, despite its ‘Little Treat’ size this is a private press book of the highest caliber..”

– The LibraryThing


 “Has Kanner finally managed to capture the ultimate imagining of Ahab? I’ll let each person judge for themself. But for me she has done it, with one side of his face blurring into the darkness that engulfs him and the crew as he seeks a very un-Quaker-like revenge.”

– J. Davis, The Whole Book Experience


Kanner She has won numerous illustration and design awards including the Society of Newspaper Design Award, Print’s Regional Design Award, the Louie Award and Rounce & Coffin Awards for excellence in book design. than 40 editions for additional publishers including Knopf, Ballantine Books, Scholastic, Little Brown and more.

Artists & Contributors

Printers & Binders

Foolscap Press 

Lawrence G. Van Venlzer & Peggy Gotthold, Printer & Bookbinder

Foolscap Press was founded in 1990

Horton Tank Graphics

Arthur Larson established Horton Tank Graphics in Hadley, Massachusetts in 1987 to do fine press printing for Leonard Baskin’s Gehenna Press. He was trained by Harold McGrath, Barry Moser, and Daniel Keleher. He has printed for Pennyroyal Press, Double Elephant Press, 21st Editions, and Two Ponds Press, among others. 

Gibbs Bookbinding

Stephanie Gibbs established Gibbs Bookbinding in Massachusetts in 2005, working with the fine press community there for a decade before relocating to Los Angeles in 2015. Her artist’s books are held in collections across the US, and she provides fine hand binding for individuals and institutions.


Allwyn O’Mara, Bookbinder


The Tortoise Press

John Robinson, Printer

Producer of fine letterpress editions in his San Diego California studio.  


Windowpane Press

Bonnie Thompson Norman, Printer


Caroline K. KannerGordon Barber Memorial Poetry Prize, 2019

EMILY DICKINSON Poems of Travel / Forward

Caroline Kanner is a poet and teacher from California. She currently works at the Youth Programs Specialist at Clockshop, an arts and culture organization in Los Angeles. She holds a BA from Yale and an M.Ed from UCLA. 

Nathan O. Reynolds
In The Direction of the Beginning / Postscript


John Sheller
CETUS, The Whale / Editor

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