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Earth, Sea, and Air

Pre-Publication Offer

$425 Due Now

$425 Due upon Publication | SUMMER 2024

Premium Includes Broadside - Signed & Numbered

Almost unknown during her life, Emily Dickinson lived her adult years secluded in her family’s Amherst Massachusetts home. In her corner bedroom Dickinson wrote nearly two thousand poems, many set in regions far beyond her experience; distant volcanoes, tempestuous seas, heaven. The power of her vision, internal and vast, matches the spirit of ‘voyaging’ which The Melville Press celebrates. Beautifully bound, this editon includes three 8” x 32” full-color archival prints by Catherine Kanner which unfold to introduce each of the sections; Earth, Sea and Air.

Limited Edition of 100 Signed & Numbered

Art & Book Design Catherine Kanner

Letterpress Arthur Larson | Horton Tank Graphics

Archival Art Prints POV Fine Art Print Studio

Binding Stephanie Gibbs Bookbinding | 8” x 8” Hard Cover, Silver Foil Stamping

Forward Caroline Kempner Kanner | Gordon Barber Memorial Poetry Prize

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