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CETUS The Whale

Herman Melville

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This first work published by the Melville Press is a tribute to Herman Melville and his masterpiece Moby Dick. This edition includes excerpts from Shakespeare, Milton and Melville accompanied by portraits of the crew of the Pequod by Catherine Kanner. The accordian binding unfolds and allows the reader to view the entire crew exhibited as a gallery on their sail-like pages. The book reflects the sober and beautiful tone of Moby Dick.

Acquired by Library of Congress, The British Library, Mezzanine Gallery/Metropolitan Museum of Art, UCLA Rare Books Collection, Columbia University, Yale University, University of Hawaii, Dartmouth College Library, University of Delaware Special Collections, Brigham Young University Library, Skidmore College Library, Syracuse University Special Collections, University of California Special Collections, Library of New South Wales, Monash University/Australia, Otago Library/New Zealand and the National Museum of Women in the Arts among others.

Ink Drawings & Book Design by Catherine Kanner

Limited Edition of 200, Signed & Numbered 

Printed Letterpress by John Robinson, The Tortoise Press

Book Binding, Accordian fold by Allwyn O’Mara, 7 1/” x 10” - 34 pages. 

Cloth Cover, Silver foil stamped with Cetus constellation

Handmade Marbled Endpapers

First Edition of The Melville Press

Rounce and Coffin Award for Excellence in Book Design

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