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Prayers Written at Vailima

Robert Louis Stevenson

$450 / Edition of 200

Prayers Written at Vailima reflects the beauty and simplicity of R.L. Stevenson’s prayers. The book originated with Catherine Kanner’s linoleum cut images for Mrs. R.L. Stevenson’s Introduction. The images carry the reader to the island of Vailima and up to the Stevenson home where prayers were read by the family and their Samoan friends. Each of the prayers is accompanied by an image reflecting Stevenson’s deep appreciation of his island home. 

Acquired by The British Library, New York Public Library Special Collections, UCLA Special Collections, The Huntington Library, University of Hawaii, Lucy Scribner Library, Columbia University, Library of New South Wales, USC Doheny Library, Butler University Special Collections, Syracuse University Special Collections, Amherst College, University of Calfornia at Santa Cruz among others; and the Silverado Museum and Museum van het Boek/Netherlands.

Block Prints & Book Design by Catherine Kanner

Limited Edition of 200, Signed & Numbered - Fewer than 50 Remain

Letterpress Printed by Bonnie Thompson Norman Windowpane Press

Book Binding by Allwyn O’Mara

Handmade Hiromi Sansui Rice Paper, french folded. Ribbon

Red Silk Cover Blind Stamped with Double Orchid, 5 3/4” x 8 3/4” 

Dust Jacket, Thai Red Endpapers with Mango Leaves

Typeface is Bembo

Second Edition from The Melville Press 

Rounce & Coffin Award for Excellence in Book Design

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