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‘When I Was a Lad’ from H.M.S. Pinafore

Gilbert & Sullivan

Tunnel Book


By popular demand, a new Tunnel Book.The Melville Press’ presents Gilbert & Sullivan’s satirical ‘When I was a Lad’ from HMS Pinafore. Open the book to experience Gilbert & Sullivan’s iconic recounting of the rise of the shameless political climber - Sir Joseph, who took a political route to the Admiralty. Richly illustrated, the edition is constructed of five complex cut-and-folded signatures. The book includes an online link to hear the song while waving the flag and rocking the boat!

Tunnel books, or peepshow books have their origins in a long line of optical experiments appearing as far back as 1437 when Leone Battista produced a small box with a peep hole that allowed the viewer to peer in and enjoy a scene in perspective. The tunnel book structure is usually composed of two or three accordions assembled with a view through the center.

Tunnel Book | Limited Edition 75, Signed & Numbered

Art & Book Design | Catherine Kanner

Printer POV Fine Art Print Studio | Archival Inks on Moab Entrada Rag Paper

Book Details: 8” x 8.5 | Self Cover with Satin Ribbon Closure | Mechanical Movement

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